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COTA Faculty and Staff Feedback Survey 

COTA faculty and staff are encouraged to provide anonymous feedback about the 2022 College of the Arts Fall Symposium. 

College of the Arts Meta-Strategy 2021-2025

Visit the Meta-Strategy website to track Meta-Strategy implementation, access the final document, and review the process used to create it.

COTA Resources TEAM

College of the Arts (COTA) Resources Team is intended to be all COTA employees’ initial source for information, policies and procedures that you might need to thrive in your role (and as a whole person, hopefully!).  With information on everything from payroll and paycheck schedules posted by the COTA HR team in the “Employment Conditions” channel, to an Anti-Racism Resources folder compiled by and for COTA faculty and staff without curation or vetting in the “General” channel. This and other folders in the “General” channel are active spaces where we can all contribute helpful information. We encourage you to explore and tag us with feedback on how this team could be more helpful to you. Invent. Improve. Iterate. 


Are you a new COTA staff member? There’s a private Early Career Professionals Cohort channel meant to help you get settled and provide a space to get to know the college. Please contact Barb or Honey to join the group. 

Note: The COTA Resources TEAM is located on the UF Microsoft Teams app installed on all UF devices and available through UF Information Technology’s Microsoft Cloud software suite. You will need to sign-in using your email address and gatorlink password.

COTA Frequently Used Links

COTA Online Events Calendar Submissions 

Submit COTA-related events—exhibitions, concerts, productions, symposia, programming, etc.—to be listed on the COTA online events calendar and in the COTA In the Loop newsletter. 

Pitch a Story & Share News

Pitch news and stories to the Strategic Communications team to find ways to amplify your and your students’ work and accomplishments. 

Travel, Paying People, IT Help Desk, Web Profile

For travel requests, IT help desk, IPIFs (Individual Payment Information Forms), or updating your public directory webpage, click the Faculty / Staff Login button at the bottom of to log into Processwire (the website back-end user interface) 

Resources from the Fall Symposium Presenters  

UF Important Resources 

Syllabus Policy  

HB7 Resource page 

UF is a member institution of Imagining America. The next national gathering is October 14-16 in New Orleans. Join the UF Imagining America Working Group, a local community advancing inclusive, civically-engaged work in the arts, humanities, and design.  

UF is a member institution of The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru). The next conference is November 3-5 in Ann Arbor. Join the a2ru listserv to connect to resources for your research, teaching, and collaborations. 

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